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5 Quick Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe During Fireworks

Alice Beans

As you all know tomorrow is the 4th of July and many places and individuals will be setting off fireworks. Please leave all pets inside tomorrow do not bring them to see the fireworks. You may not think they are scared of loud noises but they truly are, they are also terrified of sudden flashes of light. Below you will find some helpful tips to keep your pet not only safe but less afraid.

TIP 1:

If you plan on going out and will not be home with your pet, put them into a room like your bedroom where they can feel safe. If you are going to be home be around them and with them, act normal as if nothing is going on. If you make a big deal out of it, it can potentially stress your pet out even more.

TIP 2:

Make sure all curtains are closed so they can't see the sudden flashes of light outside.

TIP 3:

If your pet feels more comfortable in a kennel please leave the door open so they don't feel trapped and drape a blanket or towel over it to make it dark and calming. This also helps with any of the light that they can see come through the curtain. 

TIP 3:

Use a thunder shirt or make an anxiety wrap out of gaze and put it on them. "Thunder Shirts" and wraps are meant to make your dog feel safe, because it applies a gentle pressure on them basically like a hug. If you don't have a Thunder Shirt but would like one they are sold most local pet stores and come in a wide variety of sizes. If you don't have time to go get a thunder shirt a great alternative option is make your own anxiety wrap using gauze. You can find many tutorials online on how to make one and they take less then 5 minutes to make.

TIP 4:

If your pet gets stressed more easily you can try calming sprays which are also found at your local pet store as well as most Walmart's. Calming Spray for dogs is "Adaptil", its an anti stress spray and you can spray the thunder shirt, bed and blanket. Follow instructions on how to properly use it. For cats they offer a calming spray called "Feliway", spray a blanket or towel and put it where they like to lay and take naps, again please follow instructions on how to properly use this product. I recommend these specific sprays because most veterinarian offices use them as well.

TIP 5:

Depending on if you are going to be home or out make sure to have some type of noise playing in the background, like a white noise machine or the Television. This is to help drownd out the loud noise of fireworks going off in the distance.

Again please leave all pets inside and away from fireworks, its a huge stressor on them and unlike you and I they have no idea what is going on. Try to make them as comfortable as possible and make sure they are in a stress free environment.

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